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The Healthy Living Program offers tips to help mom and family develop a healthier way of life, through taking care of the environment, wellness and strengthening the community. Join The Darcy J. Foundation in its efforts to promote our Healthy Living Program and increase awareness to the issues of recycling, sustainability, and disparities in health overall.

The ThreeMain Components


The ThreeMain Components

Trash to Treasure:


DJF strives for sustainability, energy efficiency and pushes to keep our Mother Earth clean. It is accomplished by collecting donated goods and redistributing it to families in need. Thus, creating a resources conservation cycle.

Twice The Love:


It is a constant clothes drive and donation outlet to help parents in need. It also provides nutrition supplies, informational workshops and support groups to build a strong community.

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Physical, Mental & Nutrition

DJF introduces ways to keep your brain, body and emotional health in tip-top shape. Healthy Living Program focuses on being healthy and teaching families about taking care of themselves, including their mind, body, and nutrition.

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