Change the Culture

Road to Success Program - Road to Success is a program developed to enhance college and career exposure, assist with proper class selection, provide educational mentoring, offer training for academic assessment and preparation for the demands and opportunities of higher education. Also to supply tutoring opportunities and facilitate college preparation activities.


We’re looking to expand this program to the Chicago communities with an idea to help Change the Culture.


United Supply Company and many more that we will continue to engage.

The Darcy J Foundation would like to provide FREE school supplies to Kids or Adults for LIFE. For qualifying K-12 students and College undergrads. The plan is to request United Supply Company to supply tangible donations and to raise money from our events, private donations, grants and corporate sponsorships.


    1. We will award a family with a FREE lifetime supply of school supplies. Selection will be made by DJF and our presenting sponsor each year.
    2. The Darcy J Foundation will come up with an itemized list of school supplies to be given on an annual basis.
    3. We will give the community the opportunity to “Adopt” a family at different levels to support.