The Darcy J. Foundation’s missionTo serve mothers and their families in local communities, inspiring them to live healthier lives, to support education and to get involved in their communities.

The Darcy J. Foundation, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2008 by Darcy S. Johnson, a young man who understood the struggles of single parenthood. His mission was to give children a role model and educate families on the importance of healthy parenting; physically, emotionally, and socially.

What we do

The Darcy J. Foundation not only serves Palatka, Florida, but has expanded its efforts to Central and South Florida communities, and has served more than 5,000 moms and their families from Broward, Orange, Seminole, and Putnam Counties, through its Road to Success Program, Sports Camps, Back to School Fun Days and more.


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  • Healthy Living Program

    This program offers tips to help mom and family develop a healthier way of life, through taking care of the environment, balancing wellness and strengthening the community.


    The SuperMom 5K Run/Walk celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. SuperMom 5K was created to empower and acknowledge the awesomeness of mothers and all they do to protect and inspire their family.

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